Two contenders for Harding’s most anticipated Triathlon event stand side-by-side for a quick interview.  And already the fervor of competition is on full display.

"I'm not a girl, I'm an Equal," insists sixteen year-old Billie Carol, ready for high-speed action against formidable male athletes in her track suit, short-shorts and sneaks.  As a matter of fact, many experts consider this bright-eyed young female not only equal to the guys she competes against, but notably better. Tapping into an inner source of rhythmic power that dramatically amplifies her physical prowess, fresh-faced, eager for action Billie can outplay and outfight any guy at anything.  Track, football, pole-vaulting, kickboxing... you name it!

On the other hand, "That silly tomboy is always underfoot, getting in the way of real athletes, like myself," proclaims local sports star Eddie Davis, Billie's most persistent and least tolerant rival. "She needs to grow up in a hurry, maybe put on a dress once in a while to remind herself she’s a girl, y'know, instead of trying to compete with men at men's games."

Billie just rolls her eyes. "Well as a rule, I try not to say anything negative about a fellow athlete," she explains patiently.  "But the truth is, I get a real rush when I run blowhard bullies like Davis here into the ground.  It’s like, what's the matter, Fast Eddie... your legs aren't long enough?

“Y'know one of these days I'm gonna lose my cool and give this brat the spanking she deserves!"

"Just try it, Davis!" Billie snaps back.

"Grow up, runt!"

Unfazed and energized, Billie sticks out her tongue and wiggles her fingers in defiant response.  Then she dashes away, down the schoolyard track… an infuriated Eddie Davis hot on her sneakered heels.

With the "Beat" as her inner ally, an overjoyed Billie races far, far ahead... The blonde dynamo's gotten such a distance away from Eddie that she actually stops and turns to look back at him, confidently placing fists-on-hips and shaking her head.

Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time.  "Hey, Mr. Macho!  What’s keeping you?" Billie gleefully shouts to her far-off, pathetically pumping opponent.  Then she energetically gives him the finger and continues her supersonic run.

Ahh, the Beat!  Billie's very own built-in weapon against boy braggarts, jealous jocks, and old school thinkers who believe girls should behave more demurely.  It's that driving rock-and-roll rhythm in her head that gets this young woman racing like a rocket.  She smokes the competition not only in running contests, but with heavy-duty gymnastic feats and even physical combat skills. "Bring it on, I'm ready for anything!" laughs the track-suited teen wonder, challenging bullies both young and old at every turn.

With the Beat on Billie’s side, there's no way she can lose!

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