Coach Jones is looking for a “big brother”-type to teach his bratty twelve year-old nephew, Greg Pizer, the basics of good sportsmanship. Eddie Davis almost lands this perk-earning position, but a night in jail with his drunken pals after a wild party disqualifies him. Instead, Jones chooses straight arrow Billie Carol to mentor the mischievous boy.

Frustrated at finishing behind Billie in anything, Eddie loses his cool and winds up taking a swing at his female rival. Not the smartest of ideas… With the Beat as her inner-ally, gleeful young Carol indulges in some recreational butt-kicking; she’s like feisty David wiping the neighborhood floor with a ham-fisted Goliath. "Thanks, Eddie... always welcome the opportunity for a little exercise," chirps the fifteen year old. Way to go, Billie!

But that’s only Round One. Sly, ever-scheming Davis pays a visit to Greg, who is something of a kindred spirit.  These two instantly agree to work together. Their nasty plan is to get do-gooder Billie out of the picture, enabling them to hit town and party to their heart’s content!

As Billie cheerfully assumes the role of mentor, Greg, pretending to be an open-minded student, dutifully endures a succession of sports lessons.  After a few hours of this, with scheming Davis watching from the sidelines, they stop off at a refreshment stand.  Greg has a soda, and Billie, being the wholesome tomboy that she is, orders a glass of milk.  But an unseen Eddie manages to put sleeping drops in her glass when no one is looking!

Billie downs the supposedly nourishing drink, then looks at Greg… who breaks up laughing.  “Got milk, Billie?” the boy playfully asks.  Sure enough, there’s a cute little white mustache above Billie’s lip, making her a perfect poster subject for the famous national campaign.  She finally realizes this herself, and joins in the good-natured laughter.

Right after this refreshment, Billie decides to demonstrate running prowess to Greg, racing for all she’s worth as the boy peddles his bike beside her.  Pumping like a pro, Carol beams confidently, robustly.  But after a short while, those knockout drops begin to take their toll.  The female athlete runs slower, her once powerful arms going limp, her running technique becoming haphazard.  Greg grins, pleased to see that his unsuspecting teacher is losing steam.  Soon she begins to drag her arms like a monkey, the girl’s eyes fighting to remain open…

Finally, Billie collapses.  A delighted Greg gets off his bike and glances down at the now-unconscious runner sprawled on the ground.  Harsh laughter gets his attention as triumphant Eddie Davis saunters over.  “We did it, kid!” Eddie proclaims.  He and Greg enthusiastically shake hands.  "Won't this be a surprise for Coach Jones," Eddie continues.  "Your inept trainer obviously knocked herself out from over-exertion, falling down on the job.  Fortunately I was around to show you a socially rewarding time.  He's bound to be grateful."

"And a glowing report from you will get the old geezer off my back," adds Greg with a twinkle in his eye.  "Exactly!  Everybody wins.  Well... almost everybody!" self-satisfied Eddie concludes.
About five minutes later, Greg happily opens the lid of an alleyway dumpster.  Eddie, with unconscious Billie swung over his shoulder, unceremoniously dumps his tomboy adversary into the trash bin.  "Right where you belong!" he laughs, as deposited Billie lies splayed across the garbage, still deeply asleep as a result of her doped glass of milk. 

Eddie slams the dumpster lid shut, wipes his hands.  "Let’s get moving, kid," he declares confidently. "All obstacles have been removed and a night on the town awaits us!”  Aglow with anticipation, Greg returns his new mentor's big smile, and soon both are heading out of the alley…

Bright lights, big city… and a wild party is underway.  In no time Eddie’s got two girls on his arms, while Greg and some pals are lighting firecrackers in another part of the room.  Not exactly the wholesome, athletically-enriching atmosphere Coach Jones was expecting.  Not by a long shot.

Meanwhile, at the city dump, three garbage trucks parked at the edge of a huge pit start disposing of the night’s smelly haul.  Truck #1 hydraulically lifts its open-box bed to an almost vertical position, then releases a waterfall of garbage to the floor of the pit.  Truck #2 does exactly the same thing, followed by Truck #3.  But with #3’s cascading deposit, we notice Billie Carol mixed up in all the trash, her distinctive blonde hair flying and bare limbs flailing as she free-falls, followed by an avalanche of additional garbage.  Now empty, the truck’s bed resumes its original horizontal position.

Below, in the massive pit, three small mountains of garbage sit in the sun.  Beat Maiden Billie lies buried in the first of them!

Back at the party, Eddie is having a grand old time, boozing it up and having fun with floozies.  Greg comes perilously close to downing some hard liquor himself, but the passing bottle fortunately escapes his grasp…

…while, back at the city dump, we settle on the first mountain of garbage.  It begins to shake a little, then a lot!  The ground itself suddenly seems to vibrate as the rock and roll music of the Beat starts thundering to life…  Suddenly one of Billie’s fists punches through the garbage; a second later one of her powerful legs kicks through the mini-mountain’s side.  Then – BOOM!

To the rhythm of the Beat, Billie explodes out of the garbage with fists clenched, Beat-empowered body ready for action.  Coming to with a vengeance and incredible super energy, wide-awake Billie clenches her fists and grins from ear-to-ear.  It’s payback time!  She looks up, feels her head, removes an errant banana peel from it, and starts off.

Billie soon faces the very steep walls of the garbage pit.  But with the Beat as her super-powerful ally, she is able to scale the tall rocky wall before her, muscular arms pushed to the max as she heads inexorably higher…  It isn’t long before BC reaches the top, adopts her best running position and rockets out of he city dump.

Things are still rockin’ at the party, and no one notices the mop-topped tomboy sneaking in through a window.  She finally catches up with a most surprised Greg...

"Billie!" the boy shouts.  "Yes, it's me," Billie answers coldly, folding her arms and glaring at him.  Then she spots Eddie, who is even more spooked by the sudden appearance of his revitalized adversary.  "I'm not sure exactly what role your musclebound friend played in all this," the Beat Girl proclaims, "but I intend to find out, right now!"

Billie advances toward Eddie like a cool and confident jungle cat.  He cringes, backs up into a wall... it certainly looks like he's in for some very direct tomboy-style punishment.

But before she can deliver a Beat-empowered knockout punch, some of those firecrackers Greg and his pals were fiddling with set the room curtains ablaze!

Instantly Billie puts aside the petty use of her special powers and adopts a clear-thinking application of strength and smarts.  "Don't panic, we'll put it out!" she shouts to suddenly alarmed party guests.  Like a mini-general, this girl takes command, ordering both Eddie and Greg to specific tasks in combating the fire and helping coughing party guests to safety.  What starts as a rowdy ruckus turns into teamwork, and the unexpected emergency is swiftly brought under control.

Next day, a proud Billie, Eddie and Greg are all congratulated for their valor.  Coach Jones is delighted; his trouble-prone nephew’s something of a local hero, and there’s enough praise to go around.

Does this mean that the fight-filled, rival-driven relationship between Ms. Carol and Mr. Davis has now evolved into something resembling mutual respect?

Only for a brief, glorious moment... and then it’s business as usual, as their hale and hearty handshake inevitably becomes a vice-like endurance test for both!

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